Employee experience, empowerment, & engagement made easy... in Slack.

Want to use Niko with your Slack team? You are in luck!

The Niko Slack app makes it incredibly easy for employees at all levels to share what is on their mind by letting them submit, vote on, and respond to questions, ideas and suggestions. Submissions and comments can be anonymous if someone is feeling shy. It creates a different employee engagement experience and helps leaders listen better so teams can do remarkable things together.

Once you install the app, @nikobot will be added to your Slack team and a #niko channel will be created where people can view submissions and comments. You will be able to DM @nikobot if you want to submit something to share with your group and when you are ready, @nikobot will post it in the #niko channel.

Try Niko in Slack and find out what is important to the people you work with.

Slack demo
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